Bikini top and sock...weird and wonderful things to be found in my makeup bags!!
Every afternoon before a shoot I start sorting my kit, and packing specific makeup and skincare products for each brief. It's a long and often tedious job of packing and repacking, and it's far too easy to get sidetracked!
Yes, I end up sorting out my many pouches of makeup that I have taken out of my kit for personal use.
You see, the trouble is that I always pop my favourites into my kit, because I love working with the best makeup and beauty choices available to me. But I also want a bit of that for myself! And I end up stashing beauty products in my (many) personal makeup bags to carry with me as I dash off to lunch with a client or dinner with the gals.
This Bobbi Brown palette has hit pan, and still an amazing favourite.

I guess I'm a huge fan of Bobbi Brown cosmetics...I have enough of it!?! But how much actually goes into my kit??
This is what I have to deal with: the urge to keep all the good stuff neatly packed away until I finally finish the products that I'm already using. Yes, I will always have favourites put aside for just me, but I tend to horde makeup; and often I only use a fraction of what I have.
Sexy and sultry, easily done with this Bobbi Brown palette

So, I am currently trying a new and somewhat frightening tactic: swapping out makeup, skincare and hair products in my kit with every shoot. Not as simple, nor as easy, as it sounds! Before each shoot I decide on a palette that would suit the brief best, and work towards building a complete look based on just a few makeup products. This helps me work faster, because I have fewer items to choose from. But it also forces me to be creative with a limited palette. I also happen to detest hitting pan. The moment I see that ever familiar gleam of metal poking through the sheerest layer of any beauty product, I find myself losing interest almost instantly. This is not the way to go about getting value for your money from pricey makeup products. Forcing yourself to finish a product entirely before discarding it, is a challenge I am pressed to run away from. Then I consider the enormous waste. We waste so much on a daily basis; and as a makeup artist I go through so many consumables that I have forced myself to pick products with recyclable packaging as far as possible. But beyond the guilt lies a passion for the next best thing!?! It is so tempting to start buying new makeup before the "old" makeup has even left the palette... The secret, of course, is simple: buy only what you love. Stop wasting money of frivolous bargains that do so little for your look in any case. Buy what works, and mostly what you love. That goes for my personal stash, as well as my pro kit.With so many options it can be daunting to put even the smallest makeup kit together. But a personal makeup kit is possibly the easiest kit to pack: lipstick and mascara, and you're on your way. Although, that is never the case. I end up keeping favourites in my personal makeup bag.

Bobbi Brown lipsticks are puckerlicious! #love
Bobbi Brown is by far one of my most enjoyable brands to work with both personally, and in my kit. My Bobbi Brown BBU and lip palettes are always in my pro makeup kit, because they were designed for makeup artists. But I also have a good variety of Bobbi Brown cosmetics in my personal makeup bag; their lipsticks and mascaras are top personal favourites. I love the Eye Opening Mascara, which makes me feel just a little extra glam. And very few brands do red lips quite as well as Bobbi Brown, so all of their red lip shades get my vote! Do you have a favourite??


Sales are my hunting grounds. I buy so much makeup in any given year, that I need to plan my purchases around sales. Now I know that South African sales are never quite as tantalizing as the overseas sales...their BLACKFRIDAY sales are often mindblowing!?! And ours...well, let's not be ungrateful.
So I tend to look for the very best brands and see what special price I'm getting on those wonderful flash sales. There was so many pre-sale specials as well, and Black Friday seems to have become a week of bargains. But I have bought enough consumer brands to know that my pro makeup artist demands can only be met by professional products. And the one place anyone can buy pro products at is They have made most of the very best makeup and hair products and tools available to everyday consumers, and I can tell you that if pro's are shopping there then you know you're getting your money's worth.

So here's my list for the Black Friday super sale:
Now R89,10.
The hell of trying to get stubborn shades off nails when you have 8 models to get through hair and makeup and just 30 minutes ...yes, this must be the ultimate time-saver!!! I have got to get it.
Now R117
This nail polish shade: Essie BBF. Need I say more?!? Musthave.
R40 ???!!!!! yes, it's real, but only for a short while!!! Hurry.
I cannot get enough of these time-saving, pro-styling tools from INVISIBOBBLE. I love. Must have MORE!! they are half price today....I need to stop blogging and buy!!!! Okay, well there's more! Go to the site now and check it out, you can always come back here!
Usually R299, but special price R179,40. Get it!
If you're staying, then here's another musthave: the TANGLEANGEL Gr8 Graphite dteangling brush is by far the best bush ever for hair like mine that dreads just by being! And if you are working with children, their moms will thank you: no tears, no tangles. As a mom, this is the brush I use on my own children, and it has eliminated the need to chase them around the house first!?! It is brilliant! 
R1395 is a great price for top product

When it comes to fabulous hair tools, what you are looking for is best care with swift ans lasting results. So far, I am partial to Glampalm and Babyliss. They have never disappointed. My current 38mm barrel tong from the consumer range of Babyliss is probably on par with some of the other pro brands that I have seen in action, which are sometimes not as phenomenal as one would expect. So I'm hoping the 38mm BabylissPro curling iron will offer more. I have the stunning Glampalm Magic Wand, also available at RetailBox, and it is the perfect size for medium curls, but I want something for that old Hollywood curl, which I think is a galmourous alternative to the angel wave.

Usually R275 . Now R165. Hurry!!!
The NAK styling products are the most phenomenally workable products for most of my grooming needs, I have even used this pomade on beards!!I love it for sleek styles, and for flattening baby hairs and flyaways: works like a charm! The models who sit in my chair are always asking where, what and how much...if only I knew it was on the Black Friday super sale!?! At R165 it's a bargain!

There's more... but I have to shop now... 


Urban Decay Naked palettes have been a lot more than hype for a lot longer than most others...and that is surely a testament to its value and quality...I hope. My worst is buying products I haven't tested. I loathe doing that. It's a bit like wiping your bottom in the dark: it can go very badly.

Which is why I read many and various reviews; love it or hate it, I've read about it. The fallout issue plagued my mind. But I won't really know until It use it.

I bought the Naked (original) palette, and the Naked Basics. I was horribly tempted to buy the Smoky palette...sorely tempted indeed...but my budget does not allow ( shivers, shrieks, pulls hair out).
I buy makeup for a living. And I go through tons of product in a year. So at some point, I'm going to get the  Urban Decay Smoky palette, even just for sake of possessing such gorgeousness! It may be an entirely selfish buy, but I will indulge in that thrill every time I use it...
But the Naked, and Naked Basics palettes are my bread and butter shades. I know that I would find a way to use each of those shades, and often. In fact, I may go through the Basics palette in absolutely no time at all, because I would use it everyday on every model. So my purchase at the limited online pop-up Urban Decay store was purely for my kit. A selfless buy, I tell myself!!?! But in truth, I foresee that if these palettes work as well as I expect, and hope, then they will make my life as a makeup artist easier and certainly help me work faster and with better results. Now that is what I call an investment in my makeup kit!

Visit the store now. It will only be up for a week. So unless you want to fly to Jozi for a good old #URBANDECAYSA shopping might want to hurry to the online store. Delivery is free if you buy two or more, and R40 if you can actually manage to restrain yourself to buying just one. It should arrive within a day...mine should be here any minute now!!