Urban Decay Naked palettes have been a lot more than hype for a lot longer than most others...and that is surely a testament to its value and quality...I hope. My worst is buying products I haven't tested. I loathe doing that. It's a bit like wiping your bottom in the dark: it can go very badly.

Which is why I read many and various reviews; love it or hate it, I've read about it. The fallout issue plagued my mind. But I won't really know until It use it.

I bought the Naked (original) palette, and the Naked Basics. I was horribly tempted to buy the Smoky palette...sorely tempted indeed...but my budget does not allow ( shivers, shrieks, pulls hair out).
I buy makeup for a living. And I go through tons of product in a year. So at some point, I'm going to get the  Urban Decay Smoky palette, even just for sake of possessing such gorgeousness! It may be an entirely selfish buy, but I will indulge in that thrill every time I use it...
But the Naked, and Naked Basics palettes are my bread and butter shades. I know that I would find a way to use each of those shades, and often. In fact, I may go through the Basics palette in absolutely no time at all, because I would use it everyday on every model. So my purchase at the limited online pop-up Urban Decay store was purely for my kit. A selfless buy, I tell myself!!?! But in truth, I foresee that if these palettes work as well as I expect, and hope, then they will make my life as a makeup artist easier and certainly help me work faster and with better results. Now that is what I call an investment in my makeup kit!

Visit the store now. It will only be up for a week. So unless you want to fly to Jozi for a good old #URBANDECAYSA shopping spree...you might want to hurry to the online store. Delivery is free if you buy two or more, and R40 if you can actually manage to restrain yourself to buying just one. It should arrive within a day...mine should be here any minute now!!


Go to www.urbandecaystore.co.za! Do not pass Go. Do not collect R200. This is no game!! Hurry.
Those palettes will sell fast... so you'd better be quick. Reschedule that meeting, and get online.
For a limited time only Urban Decay has brilliantly given their fans and dedicated followers who are not in Johannesburg, online access to their world-renowned products. Yep, today, 12 July, at 9am, we can buy, buy, buy!! Go to their pop-up store now.

I know you've seen them all before...but now you can have them in your grasp: buy 1 item and next day delivery will cost you R40; buy 2 or more, and your delivery is free...
Why are you still reading???!? BUY NOW!!!

Don't forget to #UrbanDecaySA #igotmine @amakeupmistress  to let me know what you got!!!





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As a makeup artist, I tend to wear quite a lot of greys and blacks, because they just don't show lipstick stains quite as easily as lighter shades. But there are days, more often than not, that I simply want to bring more colour into my space. And when I work on mostly 'natural', and neutral looks, I especially want to have that bit of brightness with me. There's nothing better than a pop of bohemian colour to put a smile on your face...
This odd little kimono was a Chinatown find. Not at all surprising if you know where to look. It lacks quality workmanship, but luckily, I can sew! But with a quick fix, this kimono can last a wee while. And I really don't mind wearing it to work, because even if it does come away with bad stains, it is so wonderfully synthetic that it doesn't hold them!! haha, indeed.

On days when you're hustling to get somewhere, it helps to have some sunshine in your life!


 My Bohemia has nothing to do with Eastern Europe. It is merely a place in my mind that I go to for inspiration.

 Beautiful prints, sensual textures, and bright, bright, sensational colours... that is how I get to Bohemia. Always, there is something bohemian to be found in thrift stores. This vintage, festival dress sat waiting for me on a rail at my local second-hand clothes store. I haven't been in a while... suddenly feel the urge to return.
I have been so immersed in the city with work, that I lost a little Bohemia along the way. This dress always helps be return.


I try absolutely everything. I've been in the film industry for over two decades! Yes. I've made up faces on film, betacam,digicam, and HD. I know the difference between professional makeup brands, and consumer makeup brands, but that certainly doesn't stop me from trying EVERYTHING!
Even the very cheapest of drugstore brands can find their way into my kit.
Don't judge a product by its pricetag
I you're snobbing me right now, then perhaps you need to follow me to set one day to see how I use the products. Most makeup artists, who have been in the business for as long as I have, know just how important application is. You can indeed make just about any product work with "Macgyver"-like application. Google it. Yes, I'm that old.
Prime, prime, prime...
The key to getting the best out of a cheap makeup brand, is priming. Prime the face with moisturizer or primer before you apply. Choose the correct method of application: fingers, brush, sponge...whatever works! And set it! Yes, setting spray has been around way before Urban Decay!! Kryolan setting spray has been in our kits as a standard fixative for decades. And the newer versions are still as reliable. In fact, I use these more often than not, and sometimes feel cheated by inferior consumer brands.
Choose the right tools for the best application
So even if your makeup choice is a more reasonably priced brand, you would be silly to turn your nose up at it, when it doesn't deliver as effectively as you may have hoped. Just amp up your priming and setting capabilities, and then take another look.
Duraline can deepen shades and give extra staying power
I won't recommend that you go out and splurge on cheap makeup...I wouldn't. But! if you want to try a shade just for kicks, then get the most out of it, by working on your application.
Here's what you need:
  1. A good primer
  2. Duraline
  3. A reliable setting spray
  4. Knowledge about makeup tools for application, and how to use them
 I hope this is helpful to you.
Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day.


If you are anything like me, then you would absolutely STOP at nothing to pursue a FREE gift sale. I fall for it all the time. Just tell me I'm going to get a cute but possibly useless free tote with my purchase...or extra makeup that I'll probably just give away... Yes, I've been there.
And bought...loads!

But now I choose my sucker buys wisely!! I only buy products that will be of use to me, and I'm rarely disappointed, but I probably do tend to use such buys much less than pro products that I spend an insane amount of money on.

On a previous beauty sale, my eye was caught by a rather pretty bag on offer by Almay. They do seem to have the nicer bags. And I love the brand for the texture of most of its products. My favourites from Almay are undoubtedly their mascaras! I never feel that I've wasted my money here.
Almay mascaras feel luxurious. They are gentle on lashes, and I enjoy applying these to my models.
For my green eyes, I like to use their plum shade of mascara, which is subtle, but effective, and comfortable to wear. It doesn't give me that false lash look...but very few, if any, truly do. I get annoyed when bloggers and "influencers" rattle off poo like that, and misguide their readers into buying a product that doesn't live up to expectations. So, no, my lashes are not dramatically transformed by my favourite plum mascara, but they don't fall out when I remove the product either! And that's a pretty big plus in my book.

I had great expectations from the new Almay Softies, but perhaps they were pro expectations. I know better than to expect pro performance and longevity from standard consumer products. The brands we buy from drugstores and even department stores are not designed for use by pro makeup artist for film and television. Yes, they're getting better, but ...  if I want depth of colour, stable wear, longevity and silken texture, even though I may find it in certain ABC products, they are not yet as consistent as pro store products.
Initially I adored the texture of the Softies, but I just smeared some on the back of my hand using one of the instore testers: not something I should base a proper judgement on, but I felt they were better than most.  I do like their texture. But they crease far to easily and far too quickly. I suppose with adequate prepping and priming, we could avoid this, but I want my makeup products to show superior performance from the moment it hits my brush.
So, I doubt I'll be buying any more Softies, in fact, I know I won't.
But my Almay mascara is far superior to most of the other brands who spend way more on advertising, and getting product to "influencers". I hate wasting my money, because I work hard for it. And once you buy makeup, you can't just return it, and get your money back... so I want to make the best choices from the get go. Obviously, I won't know which is better until I try available options.
So here's my tip to you: if you want a mascara that doesn't leave you lashless, Almay's got this covered. It won't give you a false lash look: for that you will need...false lashes. But you already know that. The best thing you can do is take care to use products that take care of you. Try a few. I usually use the free bag as a fantastic excuse!!
Have a beautiful day! And thanks for reading.


I've been wanting to schedule a hair appointment at StyleBar since the first week in January, but weeks slipped by and there I was at the end of February, and finally 'got my hairs did' . Luckily I didn't have to  travel too far: they have a branch in Constantia,  which is fairly central for the Southern Suburbs.
Prepped my skin, but left my hair as is: frizzy nightmare. StyleBar beckoned.
I wandered into the salon almost timidly. I'm a little precious about my length because , well, it doesn't grow back overnight,  and I feel more like me WITH my long tendrils, than without. 
But Anwar sat me down and spoke very confidently to me.  He knew what I wanted even before I showed him my reference!?!  He had the exact idea.  I immediately relaxed and felt very safe.
Finding a hairdresser you trust is probably 70% of getting the best look for your hair... so choose wisely.  The joy of Style Bar is that you have plenty to choose from!!  They knew my hair and more or less what my main concerns were before I arrived, and so were able to match me up with someone who had the perfect sense and hand for my hair.
Hair she goes!
Anwar sent me off to Kay to have my hair washed... it was more like a head and neck massage!!  Very relaxing.  Then back in the chair for THE CUT
Anwar just got right into it.... and before I knew it there was a mass of hair being swept away....  my hair.  And yet,  there was more.  But my length stayed!!
Brilliant new range: dramatically beautiful effect
I also had the opportunity to experience a vegan-friendly range of haircare that is new to our shores.  NAK Aromas is an Australian brand that smells incredibly good.  I adore the scent, which is subtle and lingering, with a deep sense of ambient seduction.  I'm unloved with it.  Each product retails at R320 (currently available on RetailBox), pretty much, so I'll be budgeting for my collection!!  There are a few styling aids. The ones I want are the smoothing cream and the oil spray.  The shampoos and conditioners are almost a necessity.... simply to be able to perfume my hair!  
Anwar sizes me up!
It was over all too quickly, and I actually had to get out of the chair.  I know.  I got comfortable.  I also spent enough time snapping some pics.... mostly I was just whipping my hair back and forth....  cos you know.... I LOVE IT.  
Chop, chop!
The cut took the weight of my hair away, but left the length in long layers!!  And with any good haircut, it will grow faster now.  The trick is to keep it up!! 
Lighter, shinier, healthier hair... but still about as long as I hoped! Happy client!
The green bean:
StyleBar are greening it up and making very environmentally-aware decisions wherever they can.  However, some of the best products are produced elsewhere, and they are trying to offset their carbon footprint in other ways, like cutting down on the amount of plastic they use day to day.