A tinted day cream is ideal for light coverage and skincare in one.

Most days all I really want is a 'healthy glow', and many products claim to give you that, but often disappoint a day or so later when those tell-tale zits pop up to remind you that you've just fed your skin some naughty stuff...and I don't really want naughty stuff on my you??
!QMS have a solution: a tinted moisturiser for a very healthy glow. I get so many compliments when I wear this cream...and even when I don't!  ;-) Because good skincare means you don't have to cover anything up!!
But by far this is my Go-To cream for a light tint that flawlessly matches my skintone (quite a feat, since I have an 'olive' tone that tinted moisturisers often overlook). The Sport Active Cream is my preferred option as a base for my makeup, since it is so light, no sitting on my skin, so my skin looks like, well, skin. But that's not what really turns me on. I can wear this cream for hours, and there will be no nasty blemishes to great me in the morning...nor the afternoon....This cream is also quite balancing, since my T-zone behaves rather well, and my dry bits are not compromised in any way. When you buy 'makeup' that is actually skincare, you have a win-win situation. It may be pricey at R835 a jar, but when you consider the saving of extra skincare to rectify the problems caused by most mainstream foundations, and the cost of those foundations to begin with, then you start to see how investing in skincare-makeup becomes more advantageous.
According to their site, this all-rounder is quite the maulti-tasker:
  1. Keeps skin firm and healthy
  2. Prevents skin aging as well as premature light-induced skin aging
  3. Nurtures and leaves skin supple
  4. Protects against free radicals
  5. Best tinted moisturizer for the whole year round.
  6. Tinted moisturizer SPF 15
  7. Great for summer sports and winter skiing
As we begin to see more and more makeup products with skincare properties, I think it's important to get as much information as possible about what exactly we are applying to our skin. So read up about the brand, their mission and the quality of their ingredients; start a conversation with them on social media, and get your questions answered if you have any. We now have the possibility of interacting with brands with absolute ease, and that is one of the best ways to get information. 
 !QMS Medicosmetics products are only available from selected leading spas. Visit their South African website to find a stockist near you, or buy directly from them online. 

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