This palette offers a lot of variety, but fades too quickly without proper application
 As a professional makeup artist in the film and photographic industry, I am lucky enough to feel that it's my job to test just about EVERY brand of makeup that I can get my hands on. And yes, there are many oohs and ahhhs when I bring out my Shiseido, Guerlain, YSL, and Sensai, but all that really matters is that I get the job done! So, yes, you can certainly use cheap makeup in your kit, but take time to prep and prime, so that the makeup doesn't simply fade into oblivion. But if you don't have the time to "work" the product... then rather don't buy the product. It will save you time, effort and money in the long run to invest in a more reliable product.
Testing my cheapest eyeshadow palette on set
 I am quite a makeup snob myself, but not as closed minded as snobs ordinarily are. And I love the challenge of making an inferior product work. In my years as a makeup artist I have learned that even the priciest and most talked about products can be a dismal disappointment, and even of inferior quality altogether. So this certainly has motivated me to try anything. With the right application, and priming you'll be amazed at what results you could achieve! But always ask yourself: do I have the time for this??
These cheap blushes have gotten plenty use, because they apply well and shades are brilliant
Priming helps considerably. So find the right one.Not all primers work as well as some, but I do feel that more often than not, they do make a difference. My Smashbox primer helps to make makeup last longer and have a deeper payoff than if the product were used on its own. If you do happen to like the shades in a cheap palette, then use your best primer to give it the boost that it needs, to NOT be a waste of money!

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