In my second pregnancy, just two weeks before my baby was born, I developed dishydrotic eczema. Apparently it's not very common, and they're not entirely sure what causes it. Stress is possibly the culprit, but hormones can influence susceptibility, as well as exposure to chemicals or other allergens. A few weeks back I had the oddest occurrence of this kind of dermatitis: on my forearms, and face!!
Dishydrotic eczema presents on the hands and feet: itchy bumps soon develop into painful blisters, then dry out, scab if scratched, and finally flake off! Not pretty. Even less pretty when it happens on your face. I was on a big job, and had had a few allergic reactions in earlier months where blisters suddenly appeared on my skin. But for a week during the shoots I had what seemed like heat rash, but the blisters were an immediate giveaway. And then those telltale itchy bumps on my face started blistering... I stopped everything. I went directly to my bee balm, and there I stayed. So I'm a little late getting this post out as soon as I had hoped, but I wanted to be certain, that my skin had returned to its average normality.
 So finally, I tried my sample set from Juliette Armand. I was not as nervous as I would be with most other brands, because this one has a reputaion for being gentle and allergen free. I followed the "Application Protocol" in the pamphlet, and used the recommended dosage for the advised time period. Here's the step by step version:

  1. First: exfoliation with the Dermabrasion Gel. Although I felt some tingling in some of my more fragile spot: around the mouth and on the cheeks, it was painless. I don't usually get too excited about that gritty feeling that exfoliation is synonymous with, but I appreciate the phenomenal results. This one in particular rendered my skin nearly poreless! Yes, I would you should try it, and it's on my To Buy list. I love it. My skin looked and felt ultra smooth, clear and (dare I say it) younger! Yes, Yes, Yes.
  2. Step two: set the Clarifying Mask for 15-20 minutes. I went for 15. It tightens on my face quite a bit, and at first I was a little worried when my cheeks started to tingle, but as soon as the mask dried, I was fine. The menthol smell of wintergreen was a bit unexpected, but not awful. It would probably be a great one for winter! The results after rinsing were not remarkable, but this is possibly because the exfoliation was so impressive. But I must say that so far my skin showed no signs of redness, and my pores were incredibly minimized.
  3. Then the two-step moisturizing starts: Moisturizing with Tightening from the Hayluronic Acid Serum sounds frightening, but it's supposed to help with anti-aging, and allow the skin to receive deeper moisturization. Tingling on my cheeks again, but note that I am super sensitive, with a rare form of eczema! So my skin tingles very easily. Even entirely natural products can cause a reaction on my skin!?! It felt a little sticky, but again, not remarkable.
  4. The final step is the second part of the moisturizing process using the Hydra Action Cream. I massaged a tiny (1ml) amount into my skin, as specified in the pamphlet. A little does indeed go a very long way. Enough to do neck as well. Great! Love the smell and my skin feels calm and smooth. Just how I like it.

So here's the micro version: I like the Dermabrasion Gel, and the Hydra Action Cream. I didn't absolutely enjoy the inbetween steps, and although they may be more effective together, I would probably end up using just the two I specified. I'm keen to try their body range, because I like the feel: not heavy at all. And I am already considering having a tub of the Hydra Action Cream in my pro makeup kit for gentle skin care, as a standard part of my pre-makeup skin prep.
Leave your questions below, and I'll be sure to get that information to you, or visit their site at:
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