Sometimes you just have to have some fun! Adding mismatched and playful accessories can style up any plain outfit. But be prepared to be bold. And that often requires a sense of humour, more than style. Don't be afraid of making people smile...okay, sometimes I make them laugh ...out loud. But HELL YEAH, I'm having fun.

 A singular item can be very chic. Saying everything, without saying much at all. But on days that I want to play, I often bring out bunches of accessories. It may not always say FASHION. But it does read FUN. For me anyway. And when it comes to how you style yourself: that's what matters. Wear what you love, but wear it comfortably.
 I love wearing bangles and bracelets, but the moment the get in the way of my work, or irritate me or my models in any way, then it comes off immediately.
With so many lookbooks, and inspiration out there, use it to inspire your own fashion, flare and fun. Innovate. Don't replicate. Be an original, ALWAYS. Go into your closet, and start by pulling everything put it all back like you've never worn it before! 

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