My URBAN DECAY #naked package just arrived!
#urbandecaysa has a limited pop-up store for those of us who are not near Johannesburg
Firstly, the texture!!!! Exquisite. Yes, I can see why is has gotten so much love. The smooth, satinny powder will blend easily.  Pigment payoff is good, certainly better than most, and on par with leading pro brands like BEN NYE and MUD. I  still think my KRYOLAN shadows have more staying power, but they just don't come in these shades.... not exactly, anyway.
Naked Basics: Pricey for such a small palette (R490), but worth it because nothing will be wasted!

I adore the BASICS palette, and I have no doubt that this is the eye-shadow makeup palette that will be a staple in my kit. I can only think that with priming and setting, these shadows will stand the test of shooting demands.
Gorgeous! Gorgeous palette!! At R850 it may be too much to pay...but how useful it is will determine the value of this investment.
I was a little disappointed when I realised that the NAKED palette did NOT come with the eye-shadow primer that it was listed with in the description on the site.... sad face.  Had I known this, I would have bought the SMOKY palette instead!!! But I desperately wanted to try the priming potion!! Sighs. Next time.

These shadows don't die easily!

My disappointment, however, was short lived: when I swatched these mean mamas on my skin,  I knew...this is the meaning of life itself!! I may steer clear of too much sparkle on some shoots, but oh the beauty. The shades are so incredibly versatile, and a sudden glisten of shimmer shadow can send even the most controlled soul into a state of ecstatic oblivion. There is nothing #halfbaked about this palette!! If you are looking for a collection of eye shadows that will step up to any occasion, then this is it.
When it comes to makeup, I buy for the sole purpose of doing better work as a makeup artist. And even though I can see the value of these palettes on a consumer level, I also see the investment value for my pro kit.
But yes, I WANT THE SMOKY!!! (That might be the most selfish thing I have said all day!?!)
#URBANDECAYSA shop online at for a very limited time only. 

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