A refined texture that lends itself to excellent blending is highly valued by makeup artists
 The problem with reading reviews on the internet is that you never really get an opinion that adequately describes the makeup, compared to an actual experience of the beauty product on your skin. Now I work with a huge variety of skin types and tones, so whatever I buy, is sure to work on somebody!?! But I always want value for my money, because like most makeup artists, I buy plenty, and all of it goes to my make-up kit.
Although these are all stand alone shades, they work well to liven up a 'too matte' eye
  I wasn't overly excited about this palette. Yes, I was delirious with anticipation to finally experience URBAN DECAY, and I couldn't wait to test the texture and finish of these cult products. But the shades are neutral. And it's a little difficult for me to jump up and down about yet another neutral palette in my makeup kit. But one palette to "rule them all"?!? Now that I am excited about.
What a lovely variety of neutrals that can go from fresh to glam
 I could pretty much go to work with just these two palettes : the Urban Decay Naked and Basics palettes... Of course, I won't, I've been doing this for over two decades, I know the importance of being prepared for anything! I even carry a basic FX kit, and wigs, just in case! But I keep my standard kit small, because although I'm old-school and have schlepped many a makeup artist's bags as an assistant in the early nineties(!), I refuse to do the same to my assistants...because we all have heavy kits to carry. Some heavier than others! But if your kit is concise and comprehensive: you have everything you need in smaller amounts, and workable palettes, then you can lighten your load considerably.
UD basics will be ideal to mute some of my brighter shadows, creating a softer look
 With my two neutral Urban Decay Naked and Basics palettes I can get such a variety of looks that are suited to my work on commercials and advertising stills, that everything else could stay in the trunk of my car! I'm always looking for ways, and indeed products, to lighten my load, and ensure that if I have to carry my kit up and down the steps at Clifton Fourth, I won't be a cranky cow by the time I set up at base camp.
A useful base palette: good on it's own, but also as base shadow for the other Naked palettes
Beautiful colours and exquisite textures are not enough: I need hardworking palettes that cover extensive ground, are brilliantly versatile, and make my life as a makeup artist easier.


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