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 Everytime I sit down to write about the state of the makeup industry being flooded with almost fraudulent dupes, and even worse: downright fakes, I become so annoyed that I have to get up and make a cup of tea! No, I don't go straight for my gin...not until I start the research. That's when I need a drink.
To a large degree I blame youtube. It all started with the thousands of makeup tutorials that became the millenial pastime of anyone who not necessarily loved makeup, but loved attention. I don't begrudge them that: we all need a little bit of love, even if it is from total strangers who are also in search of something...a sense of belonging perhaps. Which leads me to the reason I can't watch any more... there's only so much heavily done makeup, nonsensical contouring, and caterpillar brow-enhancing that I can take, dammit.
Authentic UD
And then I see it on my Facebook feed: some of the most gorgeous young ladies that I know, have succumbed to the evil notion that they are nothing without heavily painted brows, and of course, that ridiculously over-priced brow palette. Now THAT pisses me off.I'm not ashamed to say that I will fork out my cash in an instant for good beauty product, but I know the difference between value and fad. And I wonder when these young beauties are ever going to catch up. Please don't misunderstand me: I adore the fun, luxury and excitement of playing with makeup, and I want every makeup lover out there to feel the bliss. I just don't want the arseholes of this world to capitalise on it in a criminal fashion. Which brings me to the fakes. Not the dupes. The dupes are almost a legal way of faking it...but in most cases the dupes are their own brand, just really similar to another top brand....and sometimes they are, actually, exactly the same.  But it's the fakes that really annoy me. I googled brushes on our local gumtree, and spotted not one, but two sellers who, whether they know it or not, are distributing fakes of a very trendy and very desired brand: Urban Decay.

Too good to be true at R299...?!?
 I am no connoisseur of all things Urban Decay: it's a new brand to me, and although I've read so much about it, I really don't know enough to know what is legit, and what is not...which is why I would only buy directly from the brand! But I ask you, with tears in my eyes, does this not look a little dodge??! These (I think they're fake...) look so much like every other no name brand available on Ebay for 5GBP or less! So it isn't surprising that the Gumtree seller locally wants R299 for it.
When in doubt...
A bargain you may think...but at what cost?! Fakes may wear well enough, and if you're not too demanding of them they may even last 6 months, But you'll probably be eating brush hairs for weeks on end. But what bugs me most is that selling and buying fakes does affect the makeup industry. I would rather support a small indie brand that does its own thing, and is maybe a little cheaper than the overlords of top makeup brands, than dishing my money out to fakesters.'s not good karma to buy fakes. Just saying.
And then there's the danger that may seem trivial, but if you are in any way sensitive or allergic, then please beware! If you don't know what you're putting on your skin... I'll leave it there.
At R300 it seems like a steal... but you wouldn't would you...
Now if it is a fake, then it is most likely that the ingredients list will be , well, fake.  So for the love of your skin, don't do it. Above is another rather dubious buy on Gumtree: A Naked Smoky palette for R300 ...
Authentic Urban Decay SMOKY palette sells for R850 

When the authentic product retails for R850, I'm sure there's a voice in your head going: but what if they got it for free and they just want to offload it for cash. Well, this person might have gotten this and all the other items on her list for free, but my fake radar is twitching. Look, I don't know if it's fake...but it just seems odd. Wouldn't you agree??
Here's the rest of her list:

  1. Kylie Matte Liquid lips @ R220
  2. Naked Smoky eyes Pallette @ R300
  3. Mac Matte Lipsticks @ R180
  4. ABH Illuminator @ R250
  5. ABH Eyebrow Filler @ R180
  6. ABH Oval 6 piece Brush set @ R400
  7. Goats Hair Loose Brush set @ R250
  8. ABH powder Contour Kit @ R400
  9. Mac Definer Lash Mascara @ R180
  10. Glow Kit ABH @ R400
  11. ABH Eyeliner @ R160

With all these Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kylie, MAC and Urban Decay products floating about so freely, I begin to wonder WTF I'm buying!?! you would, too, wouldn't you...? So here's my advice: buy from a certified distributor, or better yet, directly from the brand. And if that is not possible, then please look around at what is available. I understand the temptation...because who knows what's really fake anyway, right...but who know what shit is in those products, and there's a very real chance that your R300 could just be buying some scary majat (South African slang for "low grade goods") that makes your skin fall off...or worse still: break out!!!
The more crap that filters into the market, the more at risk consumers will just don't do it... Good Karma and all.
I'd like to know how you feel about this, so please leave a comment??

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