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Fake makeup products; fake follower stats; fake purchases; fake opinions (well, perhaps they are genuine opinion, just inferior judgement...)...are you beginning to see a pattern with some blogs?
I lost my love for blogging some time back. I didn't want to fall into that category. Because, you see, it's actually quite easy to do just that.

Brands like statistics. Brands love good statistics. And I didn't want to blog just for stats. I could buy better stats, of course. Buying followers and likes is the same fraudulence as selling fake makeup. And yet, I see so many readers and consumers falling for it. Even I am impressed by some instafollower numbers. There was one account that just started: it was so new that it hadn't even posted a solitary pic, and it followed me, so I followed back. Their stats were lower than mine, the last time I looked they had less than 300. And that was just over a week ago... now they have over 10k followers!? Seems weird, right.

So here's my thing: I don't like that kind of fakeness. I can't do it. I don't want to. And I'm over it. I refuse to follow such fakeness, and I don't want to take any inspiration from it...because it probably is fake, too. You wonder how long this can go on. But does it even matter?

I don't think it really does. What matters to me is the choice I make to read honest opinions, without the puppeteered press release jargon, which might be easy enough to copy and paste, but anyone can tell when we're being blagged. I get sent press drops occasionally, and none of them have asked me to put anything out there,and sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I take my time to experience a product, and I look for both pros and cons. But my delay in giving an accurate report of my experience hurts my blog....well, my blog stats to be exact. It's a small price to pay for good karma, methinks. The best way to judge whether or not I actually like a product is when you see it on my instagram account: I usually post pics of products that I'm currently using. So take a look at the feed @amakeupmistress on Instagram. I will be deleting much older posts, simply because I like fresh looks and fresh pics, and I want to share mostly my latest must-haves.

If there is any product that you'd particularly like me to try, I shall make every effort to do so. So please leave comments, and start a conversation. When I'm on set, I'm not on my blog much, so please do follow me on Instagram, and share your views and any possible questions you'd like me to help with.

I hope this helps you see where I'm going with my blog. It was started as a means for me to make contact with prospective clients, but has become something else altogether: something better... an opportunity to share good karma, and good makeup advice.

Thank you for reading! Leave a comment to share your views.

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