Just look at it! it seems like an ideal neutral makeup eye shadow palette: the kind I would use nearly every day on a shoot...any shoot! I knew I had to have it. But I must admit, I felt a little cheated by the size...I may just go through this within a month!! I hope it is as phenomenal as it has to be!

I always take into consideration the very diverse range of skin tones I work with on any given shoot. And so my purchases will always reflect this consideration: how many different skintones; how many different neutral looks, and what other blending benefits will I be blessed with when I have this palette in my makeup kit?

I often get annoyed with all the dubious information I find on some blogs, and worse still, the curious techniques that trend via youtube tutorials. And yet, I still make a lot of my purchasing decisions based on some of the more reliable reviews, and primarily, swatches. However, nothing beats actual experience of the product, which is why I always encourage a healthy does of sampling when you're at the mall.

I buy tons of product from professional makeup and hair suppliers, and would rate most of their products and brands as superior, and more in line with my requirements as a professional career makeup artist... let me be clear: I work with makeup...not sometimes, not just on myself, not simply for the love of it. I love what I do, but moreso, love making what I do completely enjoyable and above all easy. Buying brilliant products helps me do just that. So I look at this Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay, and I go: Yes! that would get used all the time...that just might be a very good investment.

For a limited time only!!! Just a week, in fact, you may acquire such investments from the Urban Decay Pop-Up online store...but hurry...their reputation precedes them!

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