I took this pic more than two years ago...and haven't been back since!?!
I have really good sunglasses; bought for me by my largely unfashionista husband. I know he meant well, and he got perfectly good, and healthy sunnies for me, ...but...they are just not FAAAASHION!?! And if you want fashionable sunglasses, darling, where would you go??? Sunglass Hut, of course. I haven't been there in nearly two years!! Can you believe it!? And yet...I simply must. There are some absolute gems, and all designer brands, which sit very well with my image-conscious eighth of my brain...the rest of my brain really doesn't give two hoots. But my delay in going for such undeniable style, is based on my sensible demand for the best protection I can afford.
Classic black sunglasses: everybody needs these
I adore beautiful things. My sense of beauty may sometimes be a little kitsch, and somewhat vintage, but I do spot a few incredible beauties rather easily. But are they worth it?? Yes. Absolutely. If your sole concern is satisfying your bohemian urges and inclinations for good looking stuff!
I want this kind of fashion, but with the very best UV protection and polarised lenses: Every crew memeber on a photoshoot will tell you that a good pair of sunglasses can save your sanity. (And spare you some wrinkles.) But they don't come cheap. You have to decide what it's worth to you. I have a good pair of set sunnies that protect my eyes in the harsh glare on a beach shoot, or in a magnificently lit studio, but I wouldn't dare wear them to an uber fashion-mad media event...especially in Cape Town!?! So, I shall soon visit this magical place of fashion editor worthy eyewear, and find my forever pair!
Sunglass Hut, I'm coming for you.

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