These khaki cargo pants were my absolute favourite, but they were so well-worn that I had to eventually either throw them out or re-incarnate them as these shorts. I cut them off long enough to enable me to easily fold over the unhemmed ends, which ultimately gives me two ways to wear them. I don't often wear shorts to work, but in the height of summer, I seem to have very little choice. These are comfortable, and when most of the crea are running around in shorts, I don't feel too self-conscious!
 Khaki is such a versatile colour. Much like black, it can go with everything! So, styling it with colourful brights is an easy feat. And as with black, I like to accessorise with a little bit of grungy rock: here it appears in the form of a studded writ strap, and my wetlook eyes.
But khaki is also a brilliant colour for blending into the background on set. And the most popolar colours on many a movie set are black, sand, and khaki.
Scarves are utterly my thing. I love the cosiness of covering my neck, and you have no idea how many times I have ended up using my scarves and shawls to keep models warm, or set it down as a beach blankie on set, to keep the sand off my kit as much as possible. And of course, scarves are the perfect way to shelter my face from getting sandblasted on a windy day on a beach location! They have even been used as towels!
Lime is such a fresh colour, that even after a sweaty day chasing after my gorgeous models, I still look half decent, and could possibly meet the team for drinks in a civilized I feel, will still be tired and sweaty, though...

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