Okay, so when I read a brilliant review of pretty much kak( really really shitty) brushes, I cringe. A rather well-known, and obviously trusted local beauty blogger is truly talking cow poo. She actually says that "the ferrules...hug the brush handle very tightly and [she] can't imagine them loosening or detaching at all". Well, darling, I have thrown out a foundation brush by Cala that lasted just a handful  of  washes... and no, I don't leave my brushes soaking in the water... *clicks neck*.Yes, my demands on brushes supersede the demands of any ordinary makeup lover, and yes, I do go through brushes pretty darn quickly if they suck. But if they are worth the money they sure do last.  So here's what you do.... if you have money to waste and time to spend on experiments, buy a Cala brush ( they are reasonably priced) but also buy a similar brush from Ecotools ( also affordably priced) and see which you prefer. Me? I'm going straight for Ecotools. (Just so you know, nobody is paying me to say any of this, and I buy my own Ecotools brushes)(with my money).
Another good buy...but not their bigger brushes, is Beautique brushes from Edgars. Not bad at all for basic makeup brushes that won't break the bank. Now, I've tried the bigger brushes in the  Beautique range...they shed and aren't particularly soft. So I won't be buying them. But if you can put up with that, then why the heck not!?! I don't trust the Cala brushes, because not only did the fibres come completely undone within the ferrule, the actual ferrule came off the wooden handle. I mean...huge fail. And that was within about a month of using it. And, of course, NEVER leaving my brushes in water.... hello, I think we're beyond that.
I have many various sets of makeup brushes

The only reason I'm writing this post is because I'd like you to be aware of better options, and not waste your money like I did. Of course, it is merely my opinion. Nobody's paying me to write this post; and nobody's sending me product to blag about. (In this age of overblagged blogs, I think it's important to mention this fact, again, and again...)
In my experience, these are better... #justsaying

 So, here it is:
Most bigger brushes shed. Sometimes the shedding stops, and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't stop, well, then you've pretty much thrown your money out the window. And when the ferrule comes off...consider it money flushed down the toilet. I have tried the cheaper brands...and when I buy brushes I usually buy a few... of exactly the same I have a broader spectrum to test. And of all the cheaper brushes that I've tried, EcoTools come out on top. I already have a few of their brushes, and will certainly be purchasing more...holding out for the Clicks 3 for 2 deals! I have enough brushes. I don't need more...but I like having extra. My brush kit is ...extensive: I have Kryolan, Inglot, Sensai, Shiseido, Japonesque, Sigma, Royal, and a few others. Of the drugstore brands I have Palladio, Essence and Eco Tools. And I really don't like buying crap. But sometimes I do. So, I think I've just been inspired to start a series on what to spend your money on when it comes to drugstore brushes. And how to make that choice just by looking at the brush in store.
Anyone keen to follow??

...thanks for reading. This is just my opinion as a makeup artist for advertising stills and commercials. #justsaying
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