A natural eye cream

In winter I often notice the dryness around my eyes far more. Probably because it kind of goes red! Red and creasy!! I try not to get too touchy with it, so I prefer to use an eye cream that does not require repeat applications throughout the day. Come on, I know you've done it: a little bit of eye cream in the morning, then a bit more at your coffee break, and definitely after lunch, just to perk 'em up; and if you're going to dinner, well, obviously; and then the ritual nighttime beauty regime.
Have you ever wondered about all that fiddling with your skin??I know your hands have been sterilized, but don't you think the agitation just makes it worse? As tempting as it is to continually 'moisturise' around my eyes, I prefer to use my eye cream in the morning before I apply my makeup, and before bed (when I'm good). But I do love a product that lasts. With my Victorian Garden Sesame and Honey (I know, sounds delish) eye cream I can gradually feel my eyes 'resting' and any tautness vanishes. Mostly, I only use this cream once a day (twice if I'm being religious) and I've noticed that the redness in the corners of my eye where it sometimes feels a little cracky, has minimized considerably. Because it is a totally natural product, I'm not shy with it, and tend to use it on my lid as well, which I do believe hydrates my lid and offers some defense against the inevitable wrinkling age (and too much sun) will bring. And if I wanted to, I could apply it as often as I like...but that would be out of desire and not necessity.

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