Messy buns, braided buns, sleek buns, ballet buns, french twists and chignons : call them what you like, an up do has always been some form of bun. The romance of a low chignon was given free reign last year, and out of that rose the messy bun full of tendrils and wispy bits. It is a softer interpretation of an 'off the face" trend that gave the top knot so much encouragement. We are busy women, with hair as long as our to-do lists, and when we wanted sexy, sassy and sorted: we made buns!
I love playing with hair. It's a bit like sculture. And Ihave to work so fast on set, that my art had to be no-fuss and instant magic. So I reworked old classics. My chignons were intricately messy, and my french twists always came with a...twist!
The classic chignon does not have to be a methodical nightmare: simply start with a low pony. Now separate the ponytail into a few strands and wind around the hair tie in beautiful shapes that fill out the final bun. It has to be fairly loose, and almost unrestrained, but held securely in place with bobby pins. You can make this a formal bun with cleaner lines, or a date-ready chignon with soft tendrils caressing your neck. You choose. there is no wrong way.
I adore the drama of a twist. This may look intricate, but strands twisted and rolled to wind around each other can create a very interesting affair. Hair like makeup and wardrobe is just another way to express a mood, a character, a feeling. And yet we settle on just one or two styles in our repertoire. That is such a shame; we could be having so much more fun.

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