Working as a makeup artist is by far one of the most enjoyable jobs ever! Now, there are some bad days; some days when I'm just too tired, and we've been shooting non-stop, and I can't clean another toenail!?! But for the most part I laugh a lot on set; I have many good friendships with a network of women who support each other, because we all know how demanding setlife can be.
One thing I find makes a huge difference in my job: organization. When my kit is clean and organized, it becomes so much easier to work even when I am beyond the point of exhaustion. An organized kit means that I don't have to think: I can set up almost automatically, and not waste time hunting for products and tools that I need in a hurry. Part of being organized is knowing exactly which products will be required, and which ones are best to use.
To carry my stash, I need mostly for my bags to be light and sturdy. I find that open bags are great. I can easily see and reach for what I need. It really doesn't matter what brand or what style you choose, just as long as it works for you! I know the ZUCA kit made quite an impression and folks spent oodles on a very heavy bag. For some it works brilliantly, and that is ideal. But if it doesn't work for you, then don't get it. It means very little when you are uncomfortable ( and knackered) carrying your entire kit up four flights of stairs...
Whatever you see me use, works for me, my budget, and my needs. So if you come across something else that suits you better, then it's a no-brainer. I have seen too many makeup artists scurrying about and spending their last dollar to have the trendiest kit. Remember trendy is a fad: you want quality and reliability, which only comes from the very best being tried and tested. The same goes for every product you put into your kit. I have bought faddy products: trends are great if you can afford them. But at some point you come back to your original standard of premium, professional quality, and you begin to realise why some products are exclusively sold within a very small circles of professionals.

The blogosphere has flipped the makeup and beauty industry on its head. And for better or for worse, it has made many a makeup artist feel like we're playing catch-up with all the latest hashtaggable trends. But, I can guarantee you that when it comes to professional makeup that is HD appropriate, you cannot come closer that professional brands. And when I say professional, I mean everything you can't get at a drugstore or a department store. It doesn't mean that you can't find a spectacular base at Dior...of course you can...but you can find an entire palette at Kryolan. And for around the same price!?! So, for the professional makeup artist who needs a comprehensive kit that will work on any skin type and tone, it makes sense to go for the brands for are specifically designed for us. One thing is certain: finding our own style requires that we experiment, and grow within our own skills and talents; professional products help us do this more efficiently.
One brand that does stand out as a brilliant pro quality makeup brand that works just as well for consumers as it does for professional makeup artists, is Inglot. What's more is that they have a discount for pro artists that makes my rather large spends so much more efficient, and value for money. I am rarely disappointed by this brand, and often feel like I got my money's with and then some! Their products work perfectly on set, and the sturdy palettes help keep order in those moments of chaos. But you will find your own favourites, and you will find your own order and organization techniques. Just don't get hung up on hashtags and trends boosted by folks who probably have very little experience of life on a busy photoshoot or film set. It could end up costing you a fortune! And if you have the opportunity to communicate with a pro artist, then by all means, ask away.

If you like this post, and have some questions, I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment. I'm real, and an actual working makeup artist!?!

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