Mys wishlist will always keep growing, as is the nature of my makeup kit! But one brand on this list has yet to be included. It left the country, just as I returned, and by the time it relaunched in South Africa, I was once again moving, and have delayed a venture to the faraway mall for ages...
I have been plotting a trip to Benefit since my last visit to their Red Square counter at Canal Walk...some time ago. And here's the list I have:
 The Porefessional: Agent Zero Shine
I must admit that I am not oppposed to using cheaper L.A. Girl powders, in fact I trust these to work very well on my shoots, but I have read so much about Benefit, and am curious to see just how well they fare. And Anti-shine powders can knock out shine effortlessly, but some  are better than others, and I've tried a few... I like the little shaker on this one, so I guess that's my main reason for wanting to try this one sooner than the rest.

 Benefit Hoola Blush
So this shade! I mean. Really. HOOLA. Offerings of undying love have been made to this singular product in a sea of so many others... Of course, I want it. My reason: I adore this tone, which would work well for contouring, muting, shading the crease, and even just basic colour correcting in an instant. I see so many possiblities. This could very well become a staple.

A correcting cream for your eyelids!! Thank you, Benefit! I often just use some concealer to do this job, but most lack the staying power  that I require. So will this work any better, I wonder?? I do like the shade, and I can see myself using it as a correcting primer most days.
Operation Poreproof for R515 is a brilliant way to experience the products, without overspending, and knowing that the quantity you buy will be just enough to use to develop a comprehensive opinion about it before you invest in the larger sizes. Definitely on my wishlist.
It seems I whenever I do go to the mall, which isn't too frequently, there's always more to choose from; luckily Benefit have an impressive selection of samples! So maybe pick up a few you'd like to try, that way you feel more confident about your purchase, and you will make a choice that you will not regret! I can't tell you how many times I have bought out of impulse and end up giving things away. So when something is on my wishlist, you must know that I've checked it out meticulously; and I'm pretty certain!

Have you used any of these?? Leave a comment below to share some of your favourites!

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