Good skincare is your best makeup!
I detest fads. They may seem like fun, but are far too short-lived to become a reliable process. As with finding your own indiviual style, finding your personalized skincare should never rely on whims and fads.
At some point we all start thinking about a plan. And when it comes to your face and body, sooner is better than later. Having said that, I must admit that I , even now, leave everything for "maƱana"!?! But as I look in the mirror now, I see my age: it may be my greatest treasure, but it does haunt me a little. I'm haunted by the memories of youth; of flawless skin that seemed to glow with promise. And yet, I like my face so much better now. I like the way I laugh with abandon, and gleeful grin still manifests my naughty spark. But I would like to ensure that my skin gets all the love it deserves, and that I feed it with good vibes and good products.
I've been very fond of natural skincare for a very long time. My go-to skin remedy was Vitamin E. I took the vitamin E capsules regularly, and used only vitamin E oils and creams on my skin. And when I went through a rough patch I had a favourite ROC product that I used religiously. So much has come and gone over the years, and I've tried and tested quite a selection, but I do have favourites: Sensai by Kanebo is by far an extraordinary brand which seems to deliver on all its promises. My sensitive skin is sometimes prone to bouts of dyshidrotic eczema, so I'm very careful about what touches my skin; and I think we need to pay more attention to such things.
Another favourite brand is The Vitorian Garden, which is both local and natural.  But there are others, and whether you choose to follow a brand or not, or go very basic and natural, all that matters is that you are comfortable and healthy. To make that choice is very personal, and I encourage you to give it a lot of thought, and even investigate your options and choices meticulously.
My favourite "homemade" products are really just blends of oils: I adore grapeseed oil for both hair and skin, and usually perfume it with my favourite essential oils. Hemp seed and almond oils are also in my skincare kit, and I love that they not only feel good, but are good for my skin. But not everyone likes the somewhat grassy smell of essential oils, and the great smelling mainstream beauty products are often too delicious to resist. Reading the label is what finally make the decision for me. But I can admit that advertising and trends do catch up with me. Ultimately I must make the choice that sits well with my philosophy: I want good, safe beauty products that I am not afraid to use.
Here are a list of my most trusted brands:
Philosophia Botanica Face Oil
Philosphia Botanica is a brand with a whole lot of heart. And what I love most is their commitment to poducing ethical products, with absolute care and transparency.  Their mustard bath is the ideal winter must-have, and their multivitamin day cream is luxurious and wholesome with local rooibos leaf extract! We all know how good Rooibos is. I am keen to try this face oil, though, as I can only imagine that it must be something of the divine...

Jasmine & Lotus Flower Herbal Shampoo
Natural shampoos protect and heal.
The Victorian Garden is another natural brand made in South Africa; and often found in my home. When my boys were little, I would use only Victorian Garden products for their skincare and haircare. And still prefer their soaps and shampoos to many others. I am definitely going to try their Jewel of India range this winter, as I think it's essential that I make my home and my personal care luxurious and aromatic when I start to spend more time indoors.

Ecoco is not a brand I see too often anymore, but has been around for ages. I adore the packaging, and love that products are sold in recyclable glass jars and bottles, rather than plastic. My pick for winter has got to be the Natural Therapy Natural Colour Glow. Indeed, a musthave for lips and cheeks.
A natural choice.

And it's not just for myself that I am making these wellness inspired choices; I choose this for my family, gifts for my friends, and stock for my makeup kit. We may not swap out every single product for something more natural and wholesome all at once, but if we begin to make a change today, it's a day more of better, healthier and kinder living. And once we begin to make choices like that...well, then we're telling a story of love and goodness that will be written into the hearts and lives of all who witness it.

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