I don't have many of their products in my kit, but I have been planning to stock up on a few much desired must-haves. The Balm is ideal for the kind of makeup I do on set almost everyday. Their products are perfect for a very authentic, natural look. It's not a heavy brand, which I prefer, but at the same time pigment is not as deep as most pro makeup artists will expect. However, given the texture of their products I think that their blushers would be an asset in my kit, and I've always wanted to try their cheek and lip palette: I think it would be a brilliant palette to keep in my onset bag! So here's the list of what I may include when I have the chance:
 the Balm lip and cheek palette

  1.  The Balm How 'Bout Them Apples lip and cheek palette would be very handy as a standby bag standard. Perfect for quick touch-up, with a good variety of soft, natural tones. Definitely on my wishlist. the Balm Honest lipstick
  2. Neutral and natural lipsticks get used more often and more quickly than most other lipstick shades in my makeup kit. Which means that I can never have enough of them! The shades I wish for in the Balm liquid lipstick range are: SincereCommitted, Honest and Doting. the Balm Frat Boy
  3. The Balm blushers in Frat Boy and Down Boy look like they would result in daily use. So many folks talk about pigment and staying power, and while that does make my job easier, my primary concern is to create a believably natural and healthy look on most jobs. Yes, there are days when makeup gets intense, but my most valuable trait that any pro makeup should have is seamless blend-ability. The moment you notice the makeup, you lose 'believability' and authenticity. 
I may also try out some of their eye shadow palettes. They are one of the brands that consider what pro makeup artists want: matte eye shadows! Now I used to get my the Balm products from Retailbox online, but I see now that they only have 3 products up. So I googled. It seems that Stuttafords has snuck in an exclusivity deal with the brand, and the range is now exclusive to Stuttafords. This annoys me a little, because I loved the convenience of ordering online. Stuttafords no longer exists like it used to, so another bother to locate availability. Perhaps the Balm should have given this more thought. And now that I can't find this beloved brand in full stock at my favourite online hair and beauty store, I'm going to have to see which other makeup brands they do stock!! I think that's what brands are missing: they consider their image and their brand visibility only in terms of themselves, and seem to disregard the shopping trends of their customer base. The hype of the blogosphere doesn't really help, now does it?!? I still buy what is most convenient, in my budget, and has a good reputation, or even better: is tried and tested. And I don't like sharing payment information on absolutely every site; so I have a handful of favourite and trusted sites where I choose to look for new favourite brands, if I can't find my old ones.
And the moral of the story is: I like online stores that offer me a wide selection of professional products; making it easier and less time consuming to stock up. My favourite stores are trusted because I know they only stock pro brands, and they respond to my question with informative answers directly from the brand!! So I suppose the moral here is that I will shop by trusted store more than I shop by desired brand! Interesting, isn't it. Who else does this?? leave a comment!
And if you are looking for a bargain, then click on the pics to take you to each deal below:
the Balm Anita Boytoy Lipstick
at R132 this is a steal
the Balm Mr Write (Now) Navy Blue Eyeliner
Navy liner is brilliant for brown eyes. Retailbox has this for R110.
the Balm Tinted Moisturiser Dark 64ml
Tinted moisturizer at R187; yes, please.

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