Trying to shrink my kit to a more manageable size is an ongoing battle. I decant, I buy smaller quantities of product, I pack and repack to squeeze extras in...just in case.
The trick is to pack is quite a trick.
More often than not, someone calls for something I just happen to have...just in case! And that is when I am thankful for my clever little condensed kit extras. Take my teensy medic box, for example: it's not technically a first aid box, but it does cover a great many makeup emergencies, from flossing teeth to depuffing eyes, this tiny collection of makeup kit musthaves looks like this:

  1. Kiehl's Eye Alert : caffeine for tired, puffy eyes - this stuff really works, and fast, too. I have yet to encounter anything better, but it has lasted quite a while so far, I'm pretty certain I'll be stocking up on exactly the same product when this one runs out!
  2. Dental Floss : for obvious reasons, and sometimes not so teeth for that perfect smile, yes, but also an option to create FX scars on the fly.
  3. The Garnier Pure SOS Pen is brilliant at making inflamed zits fade into oblivion: again, a staple and trusted product that I will certainly buy again, and again, and again... you get the picture.
  4. A tiny tube of approximately two applications of sunscreen for face...always in my standby kit for any emergency sun-protection. This is where samples can come in handy. I have stashes everywhere!
  5. Alcohol swabs : for sterilizing just about anything, but mostly brushes and cream products like lipsticks, blushers and whatnot.
  6. Lipbalm with a high SPF: I don't always use this, but great when our indoor shoot sddenly becomes an outdoor shoot!
  7. Individual eye drop: more hygienic than those tiny bottles, and ideal to quickly flush the eye if necessary.
  8. Tiny tube of lash glue : to stick on just about anything...
  9. And what is not in frame is a small collection of plasters: not always necessary, since most sets have either a first aid kit, or a medic, but there have been time when these have been handy. 
  10. I also have a small stash of individually wrapped toothpics! We may not always have time to floss, and I sometime need to dart in and quickly dislodge sesame seeds and the like...

The smaller the products, the better
I keep these in the smallest of sizes in a tiny plastic container, and it doesn't leave my kit. When we have a large set, or need to travel from set to set without a chance to simply go back and forth to my station, I need to be sure to pack a good standby kit, and this Emergencey Box stays with me!
Good organization is a skill that every makeup artist should cultivate.

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