Admittedly, I wear a lot of black. Not always. And it certainly isn't my 'uniform'. But on messy days, it is the safest colour. Black not only helps me hide the inevitable stains, and allows me not to notice the often irreparable damage done by lipstick and other high pigmented products, but black also helps me to blend into most backgrounds easily. I won't distract, and I won't reflect (in glass windows or other reflective surfaces that may be in frame).
But I live in colours. I feel in colours and sometimes wearing black just asks too much of me. So my working wardrobe is full of various and diverse styles and colours, brights, muted, neutrals...and plenty black. I never liked the whole 'beauty assistant' look that swept over the makeup industry in the nineties...I suppose I hate MAC a little bit for that. All of the sudden every makeup artist ever, was wearing all black! But to be fair, the black clothing trend was already very alive in the film industry, mostly because of the avoidance of reflections. We all wore mostly black. And khaki. That old outback look with the Hi-Tecs and the Caterpillars...ah yes...happy days. We dressed for the climate and location, never for fashion or style. But how much fun can that be?!?
 Finding function in fun is a fabulous adventure. And my wardrobe is my playground. There's no need to feel caged in. I often layer my day's outfit. Not just because I live in Cape Town, where we experience all four seasons in a day, but because we may end up moving to different locations, and some shoots unexpectedly can become night shoots! So we try to always be prepared. I have an umbrella, a raincoat and a pair of wellies, a sunhat and flip flops that stay in the boot of my car. They're all black...well, maybe not the flip flops! And my trusted piece of functional fun: a colourful scarf.

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