Cargo lipgloss palette
CARGO is a brand I have seen around the blogosphere, which obviously piqued my curiosity. But I didn't bother reading reviews per se. It was a mention here and there that just planted a seed of interest. So I didn't go out of my way to find the brand, and happily stumbled upon it at Clicks. That was over a year ago! I instantly bought this little lipgloss palette, which didn't last long in my makeup kit. I used it on almost every shoot one summer, and soon the pot was very, very empty. The shades were ideal for neutral, natural lips with a hint of youthful freshness, and the deeper shade was more sheer than it looked, but finished with a beautiful consistency that carried off a more sophisticated look. Certainly a versatile palette, because I could use it for fresh, young casual looks to older, more sophisticated business looks, and I could layer shades upon each other without a hitch.
If I come across these gorgeous glosses again, then yes, they go in my trolley!

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