On set I rarely have time for meticulous buns; thank goodness romance is back!
 Buns can be boring. I do so many buns in a year, that it sometimes becomes almost automatic. I have sussed out various techniques that allow me to make a bun in under 5 fact, under 3. It can become just a little mundane.
But what makes all the difference is the smallest touch of romance, by adding a flower. Whether it's a freshly cut flower, or a charming faux flower, the softness of nature's most feminine symbol will add softness to any style, but goes swimmingly well with many a bun.
I should wear flowers more!
I've decided to invest in more fake flowers and make my own floral accessories, like the one above, which I made for a shoot some time ago. If the fake flowers look too fake, then try colouring them to mute the shades, I painted these to create softer, yet natural hues as per the references and brief. Good fakes are not easy to come by, and can be pricey. Visit Superfloral in Paarden Eiland if you're in Cape Town. They also have some awesome tiaras... because sometimes we just need to bring out the bling.
And on those days when you need to be free and possibly in your garden, but you can't...pop a flower in your hair, on your desk or on your jacket: a visual and sensual reminder that you are walking in beauty, no matter where you are, or what you're going through.
Have a beautiful day!

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