Most of the work I do is very neutral advertising commercials and stills; with very little avant-garde hair design. So when I do get the chance to do something a little different, I leap!
Braided styles have made quite a comeback, and they're not gone yet. They've just gotten a little more boho.

 Then there's the faux mo'...which is a fun style for those of us who dare not shave our locks.
I am always tempted to snip my locks, but they do provide a certain amount of comfort, and a good place to hide in plain sight. But some days I try to envision myself with the lob I may eventually succumb to; that's when I pin and pull my hair into shorter shapes, just for a different visual. But sometimes this process leads to new styling ideas, and new tricks. To get this faux mo' I made a row of ponytails down the middle of the model's head, and then simply styled her long locks to fall into shape, and pinned to hold. It's actually very simple, but quite artistic. Also a nice style to pop flowers into!

And as you may have guessed: I was having an Amidala moment...
My job, thank goodness, is always fun, but on days like this I feel particularly adventurous. It would be nice to feel that way about my everyday looks. I find we just blend so well, that we forget how to play with our clothes and makeup. I'd like to remedy that. Anybody else want to be more adventurous??